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Ultimate Maps Downloader 4.8

Downloads map imagery, topographic and road maps from various sources
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Downloads topographic data and map imagery from the known services. Saves multiple small tiles on the disk and then combines them to create one big map. Provides the tools to zoom in as close to the street as possible. Downloads from multiple sources and uses multiple zooming levels as well.

Ultimate Maps Downloader allows you to download tiled map images from different online maps providers, such as Google, OpenStreet, Yahoo!, Bing and ArcGIS, to combine them into larger maps.
The application has a modern-looking tabbed interface. The working area is a map, on which you can define areas at different zoom levels. Once you have determined the exact map region you need, you can proceed to download it. Actually downloading the selected area very easy, and you can even define the exact geographical coordinates for the two opposite corners so that the downloaded area remains rectangular.

Other important options include selecting the servers you wish to download the maps from and choosing the zoom levels from a list of 20. In addition, you can select the image format and the output folder as well as decide if you want to combine the different tiles into a larger image. Similarly to Google Earth, you can enter the name of a location and this program will automatically find it and mark it with a crosshair. Moreover, you can mark given locations with customized icons. An important feature is that this application can create ESRI World files (JGW) that can be imported into professional mapping software like Global Mapper and ER Mapper.

In general, Ultimate Maps Downloader is an excellent application. However, I missed the controls for zooming, selecting an area and dragging the map available in Google Earth.

Pedro Castro
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  • It supports downloading from various servers
  • It supports different types of maps
  • It can export maps to professional mapping software
  • It supports various zoom levels


  • The zoom, drag and select region functions could be made easier
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